Tristan Neudorf

Tristan grew up in Brandon and has always loved the sense of community that Westman offers. She has always been, and still is, very athletically inclined and in Grade 7, Tristan began playing volleyball, which she continued right through to the college level. Her dedication to the sport landed her ranking in the top 10 volleyball players in all of Manitoba. After competing as a player, Tristan went on to coach U13 volleyball and eventually became an assistant coach to a varsity volleyball team.

Following her passion for being active and fitness, Tristan moved to Regina to pursue a career as a personal trainer. She began doing online coaching and enjoyed working with her clients to achieve their goals. During her time in Regina, Tristan also took up bodybuilding and went on to compete at both the regional and national level.

Tristan returned to Brandon and, for a time, volunteered at the hospital. She began working with disabled children and currently works with a girl that has cerebral palsy. Working with her has inspired Tristan and has taught her to enjoy the little things in life, that each moment is precious, and not to take life too seriously. That sometimes you just need to sit and laugh.

Tristan is now a licensed Real Estate Agent and is looking forward to getting more involved in her community and bringing new energy to the field! She is outgoing, hardworking, and dedicated to her clients. She states, “I love meeting new people in the community and look forward to helping future clients with the sale & purchase of their home! I want to make sure they feel comfortable and truly cared for.”